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Project Objectives & Activities


The overall objective of this action is to address deforestation and local development through conducting state-of-the-art reforestation and sustainable forest management activities in line with the 40 million trees programme of the Ministry of Agriculture. 

The specific objectives are:

  1. To prepare a solid ground for establishing a joint participation of the Non-State Actor and the Local Authority in sustainable forestation and reforestation actions.

  2. To implement and promote pilot reforestation/afforestation activities in line with the 40 million trees programme.

  3. To promote rural development, create opportunities for improved socio-economic livelihoods and poverty reduction, and increase the resilience of the local community, especially the most vulnerable villagers, and women in particular, through sustainable forestry management. 

Selected Activities

  • Produce the Local Inventory Report (LIR) of LULUCF Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions/removals for the years 2014 up to 2018.

  • Conduct reforestation/afforestation activities and demonstrate best approaches/methods of forest landscape restoration.

  • Conduct economic census, gender assessment, and youth needs audit.

  • Develop a resource management plan for the existing laurel forest, and prepare a feasibility study and business plan for the community-based enterprise. 

  • Conduct a training workshop to train local participants on collecting laurel seeds, and producing, planting and maintaining their seedlings.

  • Conduct a training workshop to train women on processing laurel leaves and laurel oil.
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