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Training - Field visit to Shouf biosphere reserve 30-10-2017 (Maasser Al-Shouf, Shouf)

A field visit to Shouf Biosphere Reserve was conducted on 30-10-2017. This visit was organized by the Environmental and Energy Economics (EEE) program with the support of the Land and Natural Resources (LNR) program at the Institute of the Environment, University of Balamand.

This event came within the framework of the EU funded project “Assisting Reforestation and forest Development Activities in partnership with local Communities” (ARDAC). A total of 15 individuals participated to the visit including 8 women and 7 men mainly from the local community of Mounjiz. The visit presented an opportunity to the participants from Mounjiz for gaining practical experience in the field of ecotourism from ongoing successful projects.

The starting point of the visit was the head office, Maasser Park House where participants were welcomed by Mr. Kamal Abou Assi and Mr. Monzer Bouwadi from the Shouf Bioesphere Reserve team. Mr. Abou Assi and Mr. Bouwadi guided the visitors to the the Maasser Cedar Forest for a short visit in the reserve. A presentation on the ecological and economic importance of the reserve was then given. A particular focus was set on the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, the guesthouses and the biomass briquetting plant. The presentation was followed by a lunch prepared by locals. Afterwards, Mr. Abou Assi described the ecotourism strategy for the Shouf biosphere reserve. Finally, the participants visited two guest houses, one in Maaser Al-Shouf and one in Khraybe.

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