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Rules and Regulations

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Undergraduate Rules and Regulations

Undergraduate Program Academic rules and regulations

  1. An evaluation of academic progress takes place annually at the end of the spring semester for each level.  An exception is made for the Foundation year, which is assessed at the end of the summer session following the spring semester.
  2. The evaluation is based on the general average in the major courses and the technical skills courses taken during the evaluation period.
  3. Grading system:
    Please refer to the General Section in the University Catalogue
  4.  All courses in the Foundation year are mandatory.
  5. The evaluation of academic progress in the Foundation year is assessed according to the following criteria:
    • A grade of 60 (passing average) is required for Fine Arts and Spatial Depiction courses.
    • A grade of 70 (passing average) is required for courses in Visual Language, Theory of Color, and Analysis of Space.
    • The system allows for a varying coefficient for Fine Arts courses as follows:
      • From October to end of November:                                       Coefficient 1
      • From December to the end of Semester 1:                             Coefficient 2
      • Spring Semester:                                                                  Coefficient 3
  6. Incomplete Grades:
    Please refer to the General Section in the University Catalogue and to article 12.
  7. Yearly Portfolio:
    Upon completion of the plan of study required for each year, the student must prepare a portfolio containing:
    • Three exercises and/or projects in each discipline.
    • Any other personal work deemed necessary by the student for a full evaluation of his/her work.
      This portfolio is assessed by a jury composed of teachers from upper levels and is counted as one credit in the major course average of the evaluation period.
  8. Dean’s Honor List
    To be placed on the Dean’s Honor List of the semester a student must:
    • Be enrolled as a regular full time student
    • Have a general semestrial average of 80 or above and rank in the top  10% in his/her class.
    • Have no failing or incomplete grades.
    • Have not withdrawn from any course during the evaluation year.
    • Have no disciplinary action against him/her.
  9. Promotion and faculty probation:
    • A student is promoted with clear standing if he/she attains a cumulative major average of 70 or above, a general cumulative average of 67 or above , and has no failed courses.
    • A student is placed on faculty probation if he/she attains a cumulative major average of 70 or above and has not failed more than two courses during the evaluation year.  In such a case, the faculty probation is removed if the failed courses are passed by the end of the next evaluation period.
    • If the student fails to remove the faculty probation by the end of the next evaluation period, he/she is placed on faculty probation a second time.  This is considered as continuing probation.
    • Removal of the continuing probation is dependent upon the student’s achieving clear standing promotion in the next evaluation period.
  10. Placement under strict probation:
    A student who fails to remove the continuing probation is placed under strict probation for one semester. The student is allowed to register for courses with average of less than 75.To remove the strict probation, the student must:
    • Not fail any course during the semester.
    • Obtains a semester major average of 75.
    • Obtains the required cumulative major average.
  11. Dismissal from the School
    The School of Decorative Arts reserves the right to drop any student at any time, following a decision taken by the School Council, for any of the following reasons:
    • If the student fails to remove the Strict Probation
    • If the cumulative major average is less than 60 at the end of an evaluation period.
    • If, at the end of the evaluation period of the Foundation year, the student fails to achieve a cumulative major average of 70 and a general cumulative average of 67.
  12. Regulations concerning Projects due dates and Class Attendance:
    • Students are required to attend all classes and workshops for the whole duration of the sitting. Any delay in  their attendance for more than 10 minutes will be marked as an absence in their attendance register.
    • Students are required to attend classes and workshops at the scheduled time.
    • No withdrawal from any operating class or workshop is allowed, unless approved by the professor. Any withdrawal from a workshop sitting or a classroom for more than 10 minutes will be marked as an absence in the attendance register.
    • Submitting of the projects is mandatory at the time and date fixed by the Professor, either in Class or mentioned in the Project Outline. 
      Any delay in submitting the projects for more than 15 minutes, means that the project will not be admitted to the Jury.
    • Submitting of the total number of Projects and / or Papers assigned for each course is mandatory.  Failing to comply with this, following a reason judged to be acceptable by the Dean means an Incomplete Grade at the end of the Semester.
    • Students who fail to submit two projects, or papers (research, presentation, homework) in one course, will be advised to withdraw from the course, or else he/she will be officially withdrawn, and a grade of WF be given. 
      A WF grade is counted as a 40 in computing the student's average.
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