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Services & Facilities
How do I access library resources from off campus?
Anyone may access the library catalog and most of the Library's web pages, databases, and online reference materials from any Internet-connected computer.
UOB students, faculty and staff members can connect to these resources by using their Balamand email login information (username and password). A popup screen will appear when trying to use a library database off-campus, insert your email username and password in order to successfully use the database. If you have a problem logging in please contact​

Where do I study?
There are many places to study throughout the libraries. The Issam Fares Library and Learning Center (IFLLC) study areas are dispersed
on three floors. The ground and first floor are designated as quiet areas; however the second floor is a total silent area. There are also 5 group study rooms that you can use on reservation basis, please go to “Facilities Reservation” under “Quick Links” to request a group study room.

I lost a book. How much will it cost to replace it? Who do I need to contact?
The replacement charge will be assessed according to the current price of the lost material plus posting and processing fees. You can contact the Circulation Supervisor to declare a book lost and to begin the replacement process. If the book was overdue, the user will have to pay both overdue and replacement fines.

Can I get access to the Main stacks as a visitor?
Yes. But you need to have the permission of the Access Services Librarian in advance.

Where can I see a map of the libraries?
On the main page, under “About Us” choose “Virtual Tour.”

Does my library have a mailing address?
Yes. Mailing addresses are listed under “Contact Us” at the bottom of the main page, and under “About Us” - “Contact Information.”

Where can I find the libraries’ opening schedule?
The current hours of IFLLC are displayed on the main page, for a weekly schedule of all libraries you can click on “About Us” and choose “Opening Hours.”

Where do I return my books?
You must return book to the same desk where you borrowed them from. The library will not charge you late fees in closing days.

Is there a limit to the amount of materials I can check out under my name, and how many times can I renew?
Borrowing privileges differ between students, faculty, and staff. For more information got to “Borrowing Services” under “Services.”

A book I want is at the library -- can I have someone get it for me and hold it at the desk until I can get there?
If you already recalled a book that was borrowed by another user, it will be held for you at the Circulation Desk. However, the library does not reserve books that are on the shelf. In addition, no one can borrow on your behalf; you must be present and show a valid university ID card.

I'm a new student/staff/faculty/visitor member. How do I get a library card?
You can use your University ID to use the libraries. Visitors must contact the Circulation Supervisor for membership information.

Where can I pay my library charges (overdue and replacement charges)?
You can pay at the circulation desk using your ID card in case you have an IBL account. Otherwise, you can get a payment voucher from the circulation desk and go pay at the comptroller’s office.
Once you pay, you have to show the receipt to the circulation employee to clear your account.

Reference & Research
Who can help me with my research or homework?
The Reference Department Librarians in the 1st floor are ready to assist you in your research and guide you throughout the research path.

Where can I search for online articles?
You can use the search box on the main page to search for books (catalog), journals, or articles available through the library. An advanced search option is provided for each, this will open another window for in depth search.

I was looking up a journal article that is not available from the libraries’ databases. Can I still get this article?
Yes. You can use the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services (ILL-DDS). You can fill the “ILL-DDS” form under “Quick Links” to request an article or a book that is not available in the libraries. After filling the form you will have to wait couple days before getting the article.

How do I cite in my paper?
You can refer to one of many style manuals that we have under “Manuals & Guidelines” or you can use the Refworks citation tool listed under “Quick Links.” For additional help, you can always seek assistance from a Reference Librarian.

Where can I find guidelines about the library services such as citation style manuals, thesis formatting manuals and other?
You can go to “Manuals & Guidelines” under “Quick Links.”

Who can help me in formatting my thesis?
Manuals are available under “Manuals & Guidelines”, you can also request an appointment with the Graduate Services Supervisor for further assistance.

Computers, Printers, and Photocopiers
Where can I print my paper?
Public computers in the libraries allow printing from online sources such as web pages, email attachments, or a flash memory.
Microsoft Products and Adobe Reader are installed on the thin client computers available on all three floors of Issam Fares Library Learning Center.

Can I print or scan in the library?
Multifunctional printers are available in Issam Fares Library Learning Center that allow UOB users to print and scan.

Can I photocopy in the library?
Multifunctional printers are available in Issam Fares Library Learning Center that allow UOB users to photocopy.
If you have an IBL account:
• Swipe your ID card on the POS machine, located at the circulation desk, to purchase the number of papers required (50 LL/per page).
If you don’t have an IBL account:
• Get a voucher from the IT Supervisor (Ground Floor, Office 011) with the number of papers required(50 LL/per page);
• Go to the Comptroller’s Office and pay the indicated amount;
• Take the receipt to the IT Department – Software Unit to fill your account.

Once you purchased your required number of papers, generate your pin:
• Click on the "follow me" shortcut, available on the computer’s desktop;
• Enter uob\username and password;
• Click on "Generate Random Pin";
• Once you have your pin, click on "Update Pin";
On the printer/photocopier, click on "follow me" tab and enter your pin to photocopy.​

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