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Donors and Friends

Welcome to the University of Balamand ’s website for Alumni, Donors and Friends. The site, maintained by the Office of Development assists you in finding information about different ways to collaborate with and support the University, its students, Faculties and Programs. Please take a moment to enter your e-mail address  so that we can send you information about important events from time to time.

As you may know, the costs of education at the University exceed the amounts paid by students for tuition. We therefore welcome contributions to the University in order to maintain our standards of educational excellence and to expand the services of the University. Helping young people to learn is one of the best investments in the future that  you can make. The names of all contributors are listed on this website and in University publications.

General contributions, no matter how big or small, allow the University to use them where there is greatest need. However, you may also designate your contribution to a specific Faculty or Program. All contributions are recognized, and major donors receive a  report about progress achieved through their funding.

Contributions may be made through any of the following funding programs:

  1. The Ann​ual Campaign
    This is an on-going effort. A contributions form and directions are attached
  2. Specific Faculties, Programs and Projects
  3. Tax Deductible Contributions in the United States  
  4. The Adoptions Fund For those who wish trees, gardens, pathways, halls and pavements to be dedicated with their names.
  5. Legacy
    For those who wish to remember the University of Balamand in their wills
  6. Proposals
    If you wish to propose a specific new project in cooperation with the University, please contact us at

The Annual Campaign
The Annual Campaign is a continuous fund raising effort for Friends of Balamand who wish to contribute to the University. Any amount is welcome, and our hope that the participants will pledge to make a contribution every year.

The list of contributors is on this website and will be in University publications. As a person contributes year after year, the cumulative amount will show in the appropriate contributions category, unless the person requests not to have the name shown.

Friends of Balamand categories are as follows:

Donors of $1 million and above

Pillars are the generous donors to the UOB Fund who have contributed one million US $ or more to the advancement of the University’s academic program and the building of the Campus.

Donors of $ 500,000 → $ 999,999.

The support of these donors can establish an endowed chair or erect a building, or help set-up a computer laboratory or fund other major projects in the University.

Donors of $ 100,000 → $ 499,999.
A gift at this level can establish an endowed scholarship for a promising but needy student or can contribute to the improvement of laboratories or the furnishing of specific rooms and halls in existing buildings.
 Donors of $ 50,000 → $ 99,999.
A gift at this level can fund a partial scholarship for a promising but needy student or can support faculty research projects.
Donors of $ 25,000 → $ 49,999.

Fellows are donors whose support enables the University to build on its mission and adapt to the changing economic needs. Such donations are usually channeled by the University to strengthen its Endowment Fund.

Donors of $ 10,000 → $ 24,999.
Donations at this level are used for many purposes, such as acquisition of library periodicals and teaching resources for a variety of academic programs, or are channeled by the university to strengthen the Endowment Fund.
Donors of $ 5,000 → $ 9,999.
 Donors of $ 1,000 → $ 4,999.
Donors of $ 100 →  $ 999.
Donation by Supporters, Contributors, and Friends provide the University with a broad base of support. These donations are all earmarked for enriching the Endowment Fund of the University.

We are grateful for your assistance in any category.

The Adopt​ions Fund

Would you like to adopt a tree?

Or a garden or a bench or even a brick in our pathways of learning?

The University is a community effort which thrives when every friend associates his or her name with giving the campus a pleasant and joyful atmosphere for learning. Your contributions can go towards making our campus more beautiful, and more memorable, by adopting and placing your name on:

Adopt a Brick
Adopt a Bench
Adopt a Tree
Adopt a Pathway
Adopt a Classroom
Adopt a Garden

Ask for other adoptions

The list of adoptions is published on this website

Let your name and life accomplishments live on through the University. The Legacy program is for those people who wish to remember the University in their wills and estate planning. Contact us for more information.​​​​​​​​

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