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Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts

The Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts(ALBA) was founded in 1939 and was the first national institution of higher education in Lebanon . Over the years, it achieved a reputation of educational excellence and its students have been in high demand as design professionals. In 1988, ALBA joined the University of Balamand , and courses in fine arts and design began at the Balamand campus in 1990. In 2000, English was adopted as the language of instruction along with the credit system and the arts and design courses were consolidated as the School of Design and Communication Arts (SDCA). The School currently has 1269 students pursuing courses at its Department of Interior Architecture and Design (restoration and rehabilitation, communication spaces, set design, interior architecture) and its Department of Graphic Design (media design, advertising, printing, production). The academic program is intensive, requiring 115 credits after the Freshman year for a BFA degree, and 60 credits after the BFA for an MFA degree. To meet increasing demand for enrollment and in recognition of the need to expand the range of sought after specializations, the University is embarking on a program to strengthen the capacity of the school as part of its overall development program. It is expected that the number of students at the undergraduate and graduate levels will more than double in the coming three years.

As it plans future growth, the SDCA is keen that students should, first of all, be able to develop their artistic and creative insights, drawing on the body of theories in art, and to blend that with practical applications. This implies a connectivity between artistic development and the broader environment, including the community and its cultural and artistic heritage. With design and the arts as the essential foundation, SDCA intends to broaden the range of course offerings to include BFA and MFA degrees in Environmental Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Art and Design Education, Communication Design and History of Art and Design, and an Arts Teaching Diploma. Research will be an important feature in all these fields.

In terms of physical infrastructure, the envisaged academic growth will need to be supported by additional classrooms and faculty rooms, together with computer assisted graphics and design laboratories, workshops, studios, and exhibition space. Given the total infrastructure requirements and the need for integration among the disciplines, it is envisaged that these facilities will be housed in a new building that is conducive to multi- disciplinary education.

In addition to capital funding for additional space, buildings and grounds, the University of Balamand is seeking additional funding to meet the important a needs for growth and development of ALBA/ the School of Design and Communication Arts over the coming years in the following areas:

1. Scholarships and student assistantships
2. Faculty support
3. Research, workshops, publications
4. exchange visits and communications
5. Establishing Computer assisted Design laboratories
6. Basic equipment, computers, photocopiers, audio-visual equipment, desktop publishing
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