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Lebanon emerged from the war tired and relatively poor, but its people have remained committed to giving their children the best opportunities for a high quality education, and a chance at a new life and new opportunities.

As a university in a rural area, the University of Balamand attracts many students from the less privileged areas of the country, particularly Tripoli, Akkar and Al-Kurah, as well as the greater Beirut area, South Lebanon and the Bekàa. These students, who are accepted after a competitive application process, are serious; they work hard; they know that education is their passport to a good life. The university wishes to be able to accept as many high performing students as it can though it is keenly aware that a good number of these who come from the less privileged communities in Lebanon are hard pressed to meet tuition costs. Currently over 30% of students benefit from a tuition scholarship or another form of financial aid.

The demand for enrollment by students is continuing and the university needs to enlarge its Scholarship Fund so that more of those who are applying can be accepted without stretching university resources to the point where academic quality would suffer. Over the next three years, it is estimated that about one thousand students annually will need to benefit from scholarships and other forms of financial aid. This translates to about $3 million annually.

Accordingly, the University is keen to build up the scholarship fund to satisfy the continuing and growing need. The university prefers that donations to the Scholarship Fund be unrestricted so that the Scholarship Committee can award assistance where it is needed most. But it is recognized that some donors prefer to specify the field of study, or the profile of recipients (e.g. a female student or a student from a specific geographic region). Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a high academic average and participate in sports or student activities. In all cases the name of the donor will be associated with the scholarships and publicly recognized as such, unless the donor requests otherwise.

The University of Balamand places the highest priority on the Scholarship Fund as the most effective instrument in insuring that students who have the desire and potential to pursue higher education will not be prevented from doing so for lack of financial means. Helping these young people is one of the highest expressions of caring for the less privileged, and doing so effectively. Few ants are more rewarding than putting young students on the track to a successful career and giving them an opportunity to be the best they can be.​​

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