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Message from the Director

The University of Balamand's Office of Procurement and Campus Services (OPS) is in charge of the following tasks: purchasing and contracts, space allocation, store supplies, security, transportation, audio & video support, university catering, faculty and student housing.

The OPS plays a crucial role among the many branches of the vibrant Balamand community. It is entrusted with the task of obtaining from outside sources the widest variety and highest quality of products and services for the University at reasonable cost. It strives to conduct procurement transactions on the basis of best professional conduct, making sure that our operations are fair, equitable, transparent, competitive, economical and impartial, without involving personal interests or arbitrary considerations. We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and aim at maintaining sound business relationships with suppliers, for mutual growth and development.

The OPS selects the best or most appropriate suppliers after considering several factors such as the quality of goods and services supplied, prices, supply stability, leading technology and consideration for the environment. Another important factor that the OPS focuses on is dealing with local suppliers and vendors, when available, for contributing to the development of the local community. 

In harmony with the administrative vision to establish a University which is “Second-to-None”, we welcome your constructive comments in hopes of improving the quality of service that our University aspires for and deserves.

Joe Victor Rizk, PE.
Director, Office of Procurement & Campus Services,
Lecturer, Dept. of Civil Engineering
Joe Victor Rizk, PE.

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